Vines Sizing FAQ


Q: Do Vines run true to size?
A: True to small/narrow. If you are a half size, we do suggest rounding up as our Vines Originals are a blend of American and European cuts for a stylish, feminine shape. If you have a higher arch or a wider foot, move up a whole size. Many people can wear multiple sizes depending on the style and preferred fit (a tight hug or more wiggle room).  Using the slip knots, our sandals can be slightly adjusted to best fit your foot size & shape.  

Q: Do all Vines styles fit the same?
A: All of our Vines designs are adjustable and designed for comfort, however not all feet are the same!  To choose the style that best fits your feet, here are a few tips we’ve heard from our customers:
  • Our X and Freestyle silhouettes fit most feet comfortably.
  • For bunions, choose any toe style and adjust the side cords for comfort.  
  • For narrower feet, choose Empress. Its webbing will hug your petite feet in place.
  • For high arches, go up a size.
  • For wide or wider feet, go up a size.   
  • For very wide feet, choose the Empress style in a size up from your normal size.
  • For larger big toes, enjoy the freedom of the Empress or Freestyle.
  • For feet that tend to swell throughout the day or in heat, size up one to give yourself a little extra breathing room.
Q: Are Vines adjustable?
A: Vines side cord knots give a little room to adjust the fit. Feel free to play around with the adjustable cords. Move the knots up and down the main lines of the shoe to create your best fit. For example, if your pinky toe hangs out, slide the knots upward along the main cord crossing the top of your foot toward your ankle. Move the cords connected to the base by the heel backward to fit slightly looser. It makes a difference...try it!


Q: What materials are Vines made of?
A: Our materials are North American - sourced and purchased directly by Michelle and Liz - from the United States and Mexico. The braiding is a safe, high quality polyester - it is form-fitting and strong to "give" without stretching. Our custom Vines soles are created with vegan materials, including a lightweight, flexible recycled tire rubber blend outsole and a safe, wipeable polyurethane insole. Our added heel insert is memory foam for extra comfort!


Q: Can I get my Vines wet?
A: Vines are intended to be worn as daily, fashionable, active sandals, NOT water shoes.  As with anything not developed specifically for prolonged water use, excessive exposure to water, salt water, or other extreme elements can affect the sandal’s longevity.


Q: Can I wash my Vines?
A: Please note above. If there is dusting or dry dirt on your cords, first try a soft bristle toothbrush to gently brush off the particles. If that doesn't work, using water; gentle soap and water; or a small amount of non-abrasive laundry detergent. Gently spot clean by rubbing with a soft brush (like an old, soft toothbrush or soft washcloth) or wipe with the same. Do not soak. Vigorous rubbing or brushing of the polyester cording can cause fraying (small frayed threads can be carefully burned off with a lighter). Just treat them with LUV!


Q: What is this white powder on the bottom of my sandal?

Occasionally, you may notice a white powdery "bloom" on the outsole of your Vines sandals. Because rubber is a natural product, and because our soles are made with a blend of recycled tire rubber and virgin rubber, in certain conditions, insoluble particles may rise to the surface. This is a common occurrence, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber. There are several other well known brands with similar rubber components and the subsequent occasional white blooming. While this is nothing to worry about, if it bothers you, one solution is to wipe your sole down with ArmorAll (please note this can cause the sole to become slippery).

Q: Can I return or exchange my sandals?
A: Please see our return and exchange policies.

Q: I want to order a different color, style or size combination than you have in stock. What can I do?
A: Please email with your preferred color, style, size, and contact information.  We’ll let you know if it’s on its way, or with enough interest we may even add it to our line!

Q: Do you sell kids' or men's sandals?
A: We currently design and sell Vines sandals crafted specifically for women, but please keep in touch & share your feedback, as we plan to expand to kids and men's sandals in the future!